Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Quotes Of The Week

Some Important Quotes Of Football Personnel's

Sepp Blatter:
       Fifa president Sepp Blatter said that Indian subcontinent can be the host of world cup 2026-according to Daily Telegraph..He said they have 1.2 billion people .He also urged that in this territory football can be a better part of life.India could me a great market for football.Blatter will remain the FIFA president the selection of 2026 world cup host.So,it can be said that FIFA world cup is going to be held twice in a row in Asia.

     FIFA is trying to spread football all over the world.India is the 143nd team of the world.They did not attend in any world cup football yet.

    FIFA president Blatter also gave his opinion about a different topic.He announced Spanish La Liga as the worlds best leagues.He referred most of the best eleven of the world plays in LIGABBVA.Besides most Spain's national team player played in La Liga..Most of the player of the La Liga are local player.

     He also told about the award of FIFA Ballon D'Or .he told that it is awarded to the right person.Maradona and Messi both are best player.Footballer cannot be more better than them.Messi is also showing discipline which is be the greatness of Messi.than Maradona.

Mourinho Does Not Support Messi's Winning Ballon D'Or

       Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has stated that Messi is not suitable person for awarding the FIFA Ballon D'Or this year .He accept that the Barca trio are player of other planet.He would prefer other player in place of Messi."However,I would prefer Xavi,[Wesley]Sneijder or Diego Milito[had won the award].First of all I would have preferred Millito & Sneijder if you take each game that they performed for Inter."

     "As for Xavi, it will hurt as well.I have known him a long time and I am very appreciative of him."said Mourinho."

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