Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ballack is not automatic choice in Germany

      The German general manager Oliver Bierhoff has announced that Michael Ballack have to prove himself fit for getting  himself admitted into the German National Team for EURO 2012.

    The former German captain was under treatment for an ankle injury before the world cup 2010,as a result he has already missed it.Recently, he is in the road to recover from his injury.Due to his injury he has missed most of the first half of the season.Now,he is expecting to get started  by the first match of 2011 for Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.
    According to Suddeutsche Zeitung ,"we know about his personality and his excellent qualities,which are good and important for the team,but he also knows that a player  who has been out for such a long time will first have to reintegrate with a newly formed team".Due to Ballack's injury Philipp Lahm has already been selected captain of the German National Team.During his continued absence Philipp Lahm has worn the armband. 
    Lahm has already wished to wear armband even when Ballack is back.
General manager Bierhoff  told that it will be good for Ballack not to wear the captain's armband.It may bring extra responsibility for him.He said," he may understood that it would do him good if he did not have all of the pressures on him alone. He can also see that as a positive aspect and continue to play at a high level in a functioning team".
    Bierhoff satisfied Ballack by saying that he will never close the door of national team for him as he knows how talent and what can do the former Bayern Munich and Chelsea midfielder. 

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