Sunday, January 2, 2011

La Liga News

In Which Boat Will Fabregas Set Sail:
Bercelona and Real Madrid  both are trying to have the Arsenal Skipper by their side.
Real boss Jose Mourinho, the former Chelsea  manager is trying to make a reunion between former Liverpool star Xabi Alonso and  present Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas.Mourinho says they would be ideal partner.The ex-chelsea boss informed the club officials to lure Arsenal skipper to Bernabeu at any cost.According to Daily Mail,they also offered an amount of  35 million.

On the other hand,Real Madrids LaLiga rival Bercelona also wants to have Fabregas in their side.Many of the Bercelona star for example: Lionel Messi wants to bring  Fabregas  in Nou Camp,because they are friends.They were reared up in Bercelona.During their teenage they were played for Bercelona ;but Fabregas was snapped by Arsenal as a young star.Fabregas also tried to get himself returned to Nou Camp last summer.After all,the Gunners also announced that Fabregas is not for sale.

Jose Mourinho's  Return To Italy

Football is a changing game.It may take 5 minutes to change anything.Mourinho's agent Jorge Mendes told to sky sport Italia about Mourinho's return back to Italia even in Inter.
Mourinho's spain living might not be longer lasting ;Mourinho is a genious,fantastic coach and different from others-said Mendes.

Intermilan  has already appointed Leonardo as coach Mendes  also urged that he is talking about the future happenings.

Time To New Beginning :Bercelona And Real Madrid
Real Madrid and Bercelona have finished their last year with different experience.Bercelona had many happy events such as a great victory against their arch rival Real Madrid scoring  5-0.They also have experience of winning ten matches without any break.It is also a good news for Bercelona that the best three players of this year ,are nominated from their club.On the other hand,Real madrid will start their new year with lag of two points from Bercelona.They have also a bad tension of losing with Bercelona.

Bercelona and Real Madrid will begin their new year with these memory.The first match of this year of LaLiga will be held today between Bercelona and new comer Levante.Levante had a memory of 8-0 defeating against Real Madrid last year .So,Bercelona  will  not have to think much about this match.Bercelona will play without Messi,Puyol,Pique.Pep Guardiola paid Messi vacation,Pique is under forbidden and Puyol is suffering from ingury.It is also a good news for Bercelona that Ibrahim Affiley might play his first match today for Bercelona.

Real Madrid the maximum 31 times winner of league will play their first match tomorrow against Getafe in Derbi,the home ground of Getafe.Getafe has good result in their home ground recently.Now, Getafe is in the eighth position  with 26 points in 16 matches.They have won 5 matches from 8 matches held in their home ground,So, they have a positive expectation against Real Madrid.Getafe is confident about their victory against Real Madrid .
Pep Guardiola in England
Barca coach Pep Guardiola is going to England to be their national team coach.Spanish Media is saying that Guardiola  is going renew his contract with Bercelona.The contract time is unknown,but Berca president Sandro Rosell said that this may be of two or three years.

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