Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Berbatov Hails Manchester United Spirit

        Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov was always confident his side would come back to beat Blackpool at Bloomfield Road on Tuesday night.United appeared to be heading for their first Barclays Premier League defeat of the season when goals from former Red Devil Craig Cathcart and DJ Campbell sent them into half-time 2-0 down.The visitors left it late but a double from Berbatov and one from substitute Javier Hernandez ensured a trademark United comeback denied Blackpool a famous win.

             Asked if he was confident of getting three points when they were in such a perilous position, Berbatov told ESPN: "Yes because we're always confident that if we can score one we can score more and that was the case today.

      "We fight like a team. In the second half we showed spirit and we won."Berbatov added: "You come here, it's not a friendly ground. The pitch is not as ours back home at Old Trafford."Blackpool played a very good game and scored goals, they could easily have scored more in the first half."In the end it was the team spirit that won the game.            United boss Sir Alex Ferguson was delighted with his side's fighting spirit after a "terrible" first-half display.
"They just never give in," he told ESPN. "In the first half we were battered. We couldn't handle Charlie Adam."I don't know the reason for the first half. We were all over the place. Maybe we were too confident.
"We changed at half-time, Ryan Giggs made a tremendous difference. We started to penetrate and I think we were deserved winners in the end.""I know the game's never done in situations like today," he said. "You know at some point we're going to do something.
          "You'll get games like tonight. Maybe sometimes we won't come back but we'll always try to come back."Ferguson reserved special praise for goalscorers Hernandez and Berbatov. He said: "His pace and timing of the runs is fantastic. He's so good at that. He could have scored four goals. He's made a tremendous impact."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ballack is not automatic choice in Germany

      The German general manager Oliver Bierhoff has announced that Michael Ballack have to prove himself fit for getting  himself admitted into the German National Team for EURO 2012.

    The former German captain was under treatment for an ankle injury before the world cup 2010,as a result he has already missed it.Recently, he is in the road to recover from his injury.Due to his injury he has missed most of the first half of the season.Now,he is expecting to get started  by the first match of 2011 for Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.
    According to Suddeutsche Zeitung ,"we know about his personality and his excellent qualities,which are good and important for the team,but he also knows that a player  who has been out for such a long time will first have to reintegrate with a newly formed team".Due to Ballack's injury Philipp Lahm has already been selected captain of the German National Team.During his continued absence Philipp Lahm has worn the armband. 
    Lahm has already wished to wear armband even when Ballack is back.
General manager Bierhoff  told that it will be good for Ballack not to wear the captain's armband.It may bring extra responsibility for him.He said," he may understood that it would do him good if he did not have all of the pressures on him alone. He can also see that as a positive aspect and continue to play at a high level in a functioning team".
    Bierhoff satisfied Ballack by saying that he will never close the door of national team for him as he knows how talent and what can do the former Bayern Munich and Chelsea midfielder. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kaka Struggling To Get Back His Form

      The Brazilian superstar Ricardo Kaka has come back in  track before some days.Yesterday he admitted that he is facing so many problems to get rid of his off form as he was under treatment for a long time .After the world cup,he was undergone knee surgery.He was started his new season in this month. He has already scored once but against Almeria he passed most of the second half in side bench.He was replaced by the French striker Karim Benzema as Real Madrid was struggling to score.

     Kaka also admitted himself that he is not in his best form.In a sponsor event on Friday,he said,"I am  very self-critical and I know I'm not at my best but I'm working toward getting into better shape".He added,''I hope to be better as soon as possible - I'm just missing some added confidence on the field''.
Real Madrid lag's four points than their arch rival Bercelona in the league.They might meet  Sevilla in the domestic cup semifinal.At the same time,Bercelona will meet Almeria.

For more than two seasons Real Madrid has won no silverware.The twenty 28 years old Brazilian mid-fielder Kaka said,"This is the year when we cannot not triumph-we have to win something".Jose Mourinho wished to finish this season with the Spanish League Cup.But he is not clear about his future in Real Madrid.Their is rumours in the air that Mourinho was in argument with Real president Valdano.Valdano said that Mourinho does not using Bengema properly.
        Kaka said,"Mou has been very clear with us:'Today I'm your coach and we're going to fight for victory and at the end of the season we will see what happens'".Kaka expect more from himself as well as from Karim Benzema.The France striker has failed to show his ability in the summer of 2009 and his lack of form  forced him struggling with Gonzalo Higuain.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Quotes Of The Week

Some Important Quotes Of Football Personnel's

Sepp Blatter:
       Fifa president Sepp Blatter said that Indian subcontinent can be the host of world cup 2026-according to Daily Telegraph..He said they have 1.2 billion people .He also urged that in this territory football can be a better part of life.India could me a great market for football.Blatter will remain the FIFA president the selection of 2026 world cup host.So,it can be said that FIFA world cup is going to be held twice in a row in Asia.

     FIFA is trying to spread football all over the world.India is the 143nd team of the world.They did not attend in any world cup football yet.

    FIFA president Blatter also gave his opinion about a different topic.He announced Spanish La Liga as the worlds best leagues.He referred most of the best eleven of the world plays in LIGABBVA.Besides most Spain's national team player played in La Liga..Most of the player of the La Liga are local player.

     He also told about the award of FIFA Ballon D'Or .he told that it is awarded to the right person.Maradona and Messi both are best player.Footballer cannot be more better than them.Messi is also showing discipline which is be the greatness of Messi.than Maradona.

Mourinho Does Not Support Messi's Winning Ballon D'Or

       Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has stated that Messi is not suitable person for awarding the FIFA Ballon D'Or this year .He accept that the Barca trio are player of other planet.He would prefer other player in place of Messi."However,I would prefer Xavi,[Wesley]Sneijder or Diego Milito[had won the award].First of all I would have preferred Millito & Sneijder if you take each game that they performed for Inter."

     "As for Xavi, it will hurt as well.I have known him a long time and I am very appreciative of him."said Mourinho."

Friday, January 7, 2011


Andres Iniesta,Messi or xavi Hernandez -are in the race of winning FIFA Ballon D'Or 
The governing body of football FIFA will announce the European best player of the year in 10th January,2011 in Jurich,Switzerland.Among all the competitors Iniesta,Messi & xavi were selected.The Bercelona trio were selected because of their fantastic performances.

Lionel Messi performed greatly over the year.Though he failed to score in the world cup matches he played extraordinarily.But after the world cup, he again shows his magic in Bercelona even in the matches of Argentina.Argentina defeated their rival Brazil by his only one goal in Doha,Qatar.He also performed better in the early period of the year.

Andres Iniesta  possessed better importance  for his performance in the world cup.He played exceptionally

Sunday, January 2, 2011

La Liga News

In Which Boat Will Fabregas Set Sail:
Bercelona and Real Madrid  both are trying to have the Arsenal Skipper by their side.
Real boss Jose Mourinho, the former Chelsea  manager is trying to make a reunion between former Liverpool star Xabi Alonso and  present Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas.Mourinho says they would be ideal partner.The ex-chelsea boss informed the club officials to lure Arsenal skipper to Bernabeu at any cost.According to Daily Mail,they also offered an amount of  35 million.

On the other hand,Real Madrids LaLiga rival Bercelona also wants to have Fabregas in their side.Many of the Bercelona star for example: Lionel Messi wants to bring  Fabregas  in Nou Camp,because they are friends.They were reared up in Bercelona.During their teenage they were played for Bercelona ;but Fabregas was snapped by Arsenal as a young star.Fabregas also tried to get himself returned to Nou Camp last summer.After all,the Gunners also announced that Fabregas is not for sale.

Jose Mourinho's  Return To Italy

Football is a changing game.It may take 5 minutes to change anything.Mourinho's agent Jorge Mendes told to sky sport Italia about Mourinho's return back to Italia even in Inter.
Mourinho's spain living might not be longer lasting ;Mourinho is a genious,fantastic coach and different from others-said Mendes.

Intermilan  has already appointed Leonardo as coach Mendes  also urged that he is talking about the future happenings.

Time To New Beginning :Bercelona And Real Madrid
Real Madrid and Bercelona have finished their last year with different experience.Bercelona had many happy events such as a great victory against their arch rival Real Madrid scoring  5-0.They also have experience of winning ten matches without any break.It is also a good news for Bercelona that the best three players of this year ,are nominated from their club.On the other hand,Real madrid will start their new year with lag of two points from Bercelona.They have also a bad tension of losing with Bercelona.

Bercelona and Real Madrid will begin their new year with these memory.The first match of this year of LaLiga will be held today between Bercelona and new comer Levante.Levante had a memory of 8-0 defeating against Real Madrid last year .So,Bercelona  will  not have to think much about this match.Bercelona will play without Messi,Puyol,Pique.Pep Guardiola paid Messi vacation,Pique is under forbidden and Puyol is suffering from ingury.It is also a good news for Bercelona that Ibrahim Affiley might play his first match today for Bercelona.

Real Madrid the maximum 31 times winner of league will play their first match tomorrow against Getafe in Derbi,the home ground of Getafe.Getafe has good result in their home ground recently.Now, Getafe is in the eighth position  with 26 points in 16 matches.They have won 5 matches from 8 matches held in their home ground,So, they have a positive expectation against Real Madrid.Getafe is confident about their victory against Real Madrid .
Pep Guardiola in England
Barca coach Pep Guardiola is going to England to be their national team coach.Spanish Media is saying that Guardiola  is going renew his contract with Bercelona.The contract time is unknown,but Berca president Sandro Rosell said that this may be of two or three years.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

European Football News

Manchester United Grabbed The First Position In The Premier League

Manchester United had their away match in 28th December 2010.By this Manu again returned to the top of the point table.The recent situation of point table of English Premier League is as follows:

MAN UTD 1 18 38
MAN CITY 2 20 38
ARSENAL 3 18 35
CHELSEA 5 18 31
BOLTON 6 19 29
STOCK CITY 10 19 24
EVERTON 11 19 22
LIVERPOOL 12 17 22
NEW CASTLE 13 19 22
FULHAM 17 19 19
WESTHAM 19 20 17
WOLVES 20 18 15
Although the match between Birmingham and Man Utd was drawned though Manchester United rise to the first position.Man Utd usurped the first position from Manchester City but they could not stop run of Birmingham's eight months long undefeated record in their home match.
Manchester United change only one of their player from the squad of their Boxing Day match.They involved Darron Gibson for the first time in place of Park Ji Sung ,as he travelled to Qatar,representing South Korea in Asia cup.
The first flash point of the match came at 25 minutes after Anderson reacted badly on having a sly kick from Barry Ferguson.After the handbag being ensued,referee Lee Mason handed the Brazilian and cautioned Craig Gardner also.

The home support then erupted minutes later as Nemanja Vidic misjudged a bouncing ball and floored Jerome with a high kick to his chest. Mason was correct to reach for a yellow card as Rio Ferdinand had been present to provide cover.

The sides continued at loggerheads, with the ball changing hands time after time. It took a barnstorming Rafael Da Silva run on 39 minutes to show any hint of an opening but his through ball to Dimitar Berbatov was over-hit.

 Similarly poor weighting was to blame right away at the other end as Gardner thrashed at a Lee Bowyer knock-back.

Birmingham continued to stifle and frustrate their visitors for the rest of the half before the players trudged off to the warmth of the changing rooms.

 United began the second period pushed further up the pitch by Ferguson as he sought to force a way through. Birmingham were presented with the clearest chance of the game.